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    Launch of the ASHIKA blog; a novel platform to 'learn, understand and spread podiatry'

    We launched the Ashika blog, a media specializing in sharing content and knowledge of the feet to therapists, clinicians and healthcare specialists. The contents and articles are contributed by our partnered clinicians.


    ASHIKA Conference 2020

    1000 clinicians from across the country participated in our 3rd annual 'ASHIKA Conference' where specialists in lower extremity care take the stage. We closed the conference by considering the latest knowledge towards the goal of "Overcoming the COVID crisis to remain clinicians of choice" and to answer the question "What tools do we need to pave this road".


    Lecture and training at the Nippon Foundation 'Child Support Project Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity Runner Support'

    RUNART INC. CEO Makoto Kimura provided lectures and coaching sessions as part of a ‘Running Clinic’ for the Japan Foundation Charity Runner Donation at the 2020 Tokyo Marathon.


    2 day seminar with New Zealand podiatrist

    With the theme of 'Managing lower limb dysfunction based on podiatry' we hosted Dr. Nick Haley, who runs 5 clinics in New Zealand to speak about podiatry on a global scale. We would like to thank the participants who came from 13 prefectures across Japan!


    ASHIKA Conference 2019

    101 people has participated in our upgraded conference this year. We gathered top sports trainers and doctors in their respective fields to speak about the importance of team medicine.

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    CEO Makoto Kimura is inaugurated to Chief Branding Officer of Formthotics Japan.

    ASHIKA Association and Formthotics Japan form a business partnership. RUNART CEO and ASHIKA Association representative director Makoto Kimura is inaugurated to the chief branding officer of Formthotics Japan. Through our bond with New Zealand, another island country, we extend our reach outside of Japan, and into the Asia-Pacific region.


    ASHIKA Conference 2018

    To celebrate the launch of the ASHIKA Association, 69 clinicians, doctors, sports coaches and health care professionals joined us in our conference. To realize our goal of 'Bringing podiatry to Japan' we held a multidisplinary forum of sports physicians, therapists, trainers and coaches.

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    Launch of 'ASHIKA Association', an educational and research institution with the vision of bringing podiatry in Japan.

    The ASHIKA Association is an organization comprised of medical, education and sports medicine specialists. With the visions of 'Podiatry for Japan’ and 'have zero people suffering from lower limb problem', we share expert knowledge with therapists and trainers around the country.


    Appearance in 'Monthly Training Journal' November 2017 Issue

    The Formthotics Medical Certification Seminar is featured in the sports medicine magazine 'Monthly Training Journal' November 2017 issue.